Putting A Bow On It

“It”, being my first full year of grad school.  I started last spring as a graduate non-degree candidate, testing the waters of the program you could say.  It’s been a bumpy, fun, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, amazing, incredible, crazy ride.

It’s Week 10 now, and there are signs that this ride is finally slowing down.  This quarter has been very different than the others so far.  Core courses aplenty, group projects abound, and no finals.  Wait, no finals?  That’s right, no finals.  Just papers.  Not that papers are less stressful than final exams.

I took two core courses this quarter and an elective.  In my core courses, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some members of the Cohort with which I haven’t had a chance to previously.  And in my elective, I’ve had the chance to interact and work with students from the other Fisher disciplines.  You can sometimes forget how brilliant your fellow students are until you collaborate with them on papers and projects.  Since I had previously completed the core course (Compensation) last year that most of the Cohort is taking currently, I don’t have any finals.  So I get to start my break a week early, even though we have papers due on finals week.

Fortunately, I have great teams that I can rely on.  I’ll be doing my portion of the papers now and I know that my team will be able to put them all together while I’m gone.  This is one of the more amazing things I’ve learned in grad school: I can be relied upon and my colleagues can be too.

In 21 hours from now, I will be on a plane to Orlando for five days, back here for two, back to Chicago for 8 days, and then I’ll be here for the Gay Pride weekend before finally starting my internship on 6/20.  I’ll be done 8/26 and a week later I’ll be flying to Venice to set sail on a cruise around the Greek Isles, and be back just in time to hopefully help out with the 1st year orientations.  Then hopefully it’s off to Napa in October to have a joint celebration with my best friend back in DC and help celebrate his 30th.  I have lots to look forward to in the coming months!

But I will miss my friends that are leaving for their internships.  One of the other amazing things about this program are the friends that I have made:

One, has the purest energy, smile and love for all around her; another is a self-admitted dork who loves technology as much as I do, but can recite the lyrics to just about any hip-hop song from the last 10 years, tell you who was in the group and what year that album was released; another and I have such an amazing and loving relationship that it’s hard to believe that I’ve only known her for about 9 months and not 9 years.  And there are many many more people that I do not have the space to list in this blog post.

I have to say that it’s been a great year and the more sadistic nature of me is sorry for it to end.  But at least we have another year to look forward to!  Have a great summer!  KIT.  See you in the fall!  (Why don’t we have an MLHR yearbook for everyone to sign?)

A preview of the weather I have to look forward to in Orlando
Two of my fabulous Cohort friends and I at Mouton in Short North