Is It Over Already?

It’s hard to believe it has been about nine months since all of the first year MLHR students were huddled together, nervously making introductions during the awkward two-day orientation. I remember not knowing where anything in Gerlach Hall was located, but also having enough sense to know that soon enough it would be as familiar to me as a second home. Indeed that is what it has become during this past school year.

I met some of my closest school friends during orientation, and they continued to be a major source of happiness and friendship throughout this year. The year came full-circle this week as many of us ventured to the Varsity Club for one last gathering before being scattered to internships across the country to places such as Virginia, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, California and right here in central Ohio. It’s the same patio where we had gathered during orientation to make those sometimes-awkward introductions. But on this night months later, it was clear that we had a bond. Like high school seniors, there were promises to keep in touch, hugs, and sad partings. I can only imagine what next year will bring.

This weekend there will be another chance for good byes and hellos as the Fisher family welcomes new MLHR students, says good bye to graduating students, and bridges the gap between the two with continuity. Rain or shine a picnic with lots of food and fun is planned. That’s one of the things I have enjoyed about this program: the opportunities to connect with each other. I’ve decided to bring my children to the picnic so they might have a chance to meet some of the people who have shared so much of my time this past year. And, I want my classmates to see the family who has been so instrumental in helping me make it halfway through. It’s always better together!