The Colombian Cart

Right in the corner of the Shell Gas Station on Lane (next to Noodles & Company) there is a brightly colored “cart” that looks like it doesn’t belong in a gas station parking lot. If you’ve noticed this before, then you would not be wrong in doing a double-take. This big trailer parked in the gas station lot is home of some excellent Colombian/South American food, believe it or not. While it doesn’t look like much from the outside, the food made on the inside is DELICIOUS. I’m not sure exactly how long it has been around, but they seem to know what they are doing as I have seen lines of people waiting for their food. Finally, I was able to try it last week and I’m so sorry I didn’t try their food sooner!

“Colombian Cart,” as I have fondly named it, has only one person working there at a time and he/she makes the food right in front of you. Neither the lady or the man speak much English (aside from menu items), but both of them smile and seem to appreciate it when you try to speak Spanish with them. It’s good practice if anyone is missing the ability to practice their Spanish.

I would recommend their Baleadas with chorizo. It is served in a whole-wheat flour tortilla (which is not cooked ahead of time) with mashed beans, cheese and sour cream. They also have fried green plantains with chicken and their “salad” (which includes lettuce tomatoes, sour cream and cheese). The tacos are awesome as well. They are served with your choice of meat (or none if you are a vegetarian), cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. Again, everything is made to order, so if you don’t want something, just ask them to omit X ingredient. Both people that I have met there are happy to help and share their food with you!

The prices are great, considering what they give you. Tacos are $1.50 each and the Baleadas are about $3.50, I believe. Nothing on the menu is over $10, so that is a huge plus. In case anyone was wondering, yes, it has been inspected by the health board in Ohio and it is current as of May 2011.

What’s also nice about this place is that it is really close to Gerlach Hall. So, while you’re studying for finals, take a little break to get some awesome food from the “Colombian Cart.”

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  1. Hey there, just came across this page and I love Colombian food (and street food for that matter wherever it is). I actually lived in Bogota for 8 months and ate plenty of food there haha, but none of that sounds Colombian to me (not that that matters, because if food is good it is good! :).

    Tacos certainly exist in various countries but traditionally are more Mexican. The closest thing to a taco in Colombia (except of course if you are in a Mexican restaurant in Colombia) is something called an arepa. Arepas are actually much more Venezuelan but they are common in Colombia too. They are made out of sort of a cornmeal flour, are thicker than gorditas, and are usually stuffed with all manner of things to make sort of a little grilled sandwich.

    If they really are Colombian, ask them if they will make you almohabanas (pronounced al-mo-hob-ah-nahs with the stress on hob). They are little breakfast rolls with a cheesy yuca center…very awesome. They’d probably make some good money at their cart with those. Try them with a glass of cold avena (an oatmeal drink). Also basically on every street corner in Bogota you could get pinchos, were basically shiskababs and very tasty.

    If you find out where they are from exactly, let me know and I can give you some other suggestions to ask them for because I have lived in 6 countries in Latin America (3 in South America). If they are Peruvian ask them for “papa rellena” (pronounced papa ray-yena), which is basically mashed potato deepfried and reshaped into a potato shape, then stuffed with sort of a meat empanada filling and topped with really delicious cream-based hot sauces. Man those things are awesome! I’ll have to put a recipe up on my blog ( if I can find a good one!

    ¡Bueno provecho! (enjoy your meal!) 🙂

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