Putting the M in the MLHR Degree

It’s about week 8 or 9 now (I’m at that point of the quarter when I can’t keep track of the university calendar anymore).  Normally during this time, I start to forget about other classes, and look forward to classes I will be taking for the next quarter.  After talking to people who are either doing the combined bachelor’s and master’s programs, or people who have already gotten their bachelor’s in human resources at Fisher, it seems (at first glance – but not really – more on this later) that the first year of the MLHR program is not really that much different than the undergraduate program.

In talking to my friend/life coach Julie, she had the same professors and classes that I have had now.  She has even been helping me out with my FastCat project (the group project that has consumed the majority of my life in recent weeks).  Undergrads have to take more business related classes and they all have to take Staffing, Compensation, and Training and Development.  They actually use the same books, too.  This is why I have seen some first years in not so many of my classes, because since they already have taken those classes (from getting their BSBA in human resources) they have been allowed to take other classes instead.  So this got me to thinking “What makes the MLHR degree any different than the bachelor’s degree?”

After looking at a preview of the classes I will be taking next year, I got my answer.  I have already taken the e-HR class this year (instead of Economics), so I have a little taste of next year.  Classes we can look forward to include negotiations, employment law, and organizational behavior and development (of the classes that we all are required to take).  I’m also looking into taking strategic HR, and talent and performance management (but I am not a fan of Thursday evening classes and I may not have the mental stamina to take 4 classes in a quarter).  From hearing from the second-year students, these classes will be even more challenging than the classes we had in our first year.  I know that my other friends and coworkers with a human resources background have not had these classes, and not even many people who are PHR certified (Professional in Human Resources…kind of the like an HR version of the CPA) have not had some or all of these classes. (You can get a quick snapshot of the overall curriculum here.)

I am looking forward to the classes that I will be taking next year, so that I can really say that I am a “master” of human resources come June 2012.  Most of my friends have been telling me about classes they have had and advising me.  Come this fall, I will be able to do the reverse and give them a peek of classes they should or will take once they feel like going back to school.

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  1. I love this program, it really is the best out there. I have clients that are students at major universities and they do not have employment law, labor law, and compliance courses. This seems to be unheard of to me, but its true. The Ohio State University truly gives you all the knowledge you need, you have to then Master it. Good Luck Buckeyes.

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