The place where you should have grabbed dinner tonight!

Graffiti Burger, a Columbus mini-chain of restaurants, is a place you need to check out. With a menu that is strictly burgers, fries, and shakes, and an interior that has been artsy’d up with some eye-catching graffiti, this place makes a mean fast-food feast. But don’t take my word for it- read what a few other people also have to say:

As eloquently written by G.A. Benton for Columbus Alive! magazine:

…if you’re a hamburger fan but have never tried a Graffiti Burger, you should go pronto. Why? Well, because they use never-frozen, 100 percent Angus beef and hand-sliced potatoes to make – without question – the best fast-food burgers and French fries you can buy in town.

According to the restaurant’s homepage: “The Graffiti Burger environment is high-energy and absorbs the flavor of the local area. The atmosphere of a hip burger joint appeals to the community and is inviting to family and friends. We believe in the communities in which we do business, and we do our best to support our community in every way we can.”

Graffiti art that even upper middle-class folks find charming πŸ™‚

This is one of my favorite places to hit up for a quick lunch and the prices won’t leave you with an empty wallet. I typically order the original turkey burger ($5.49 for a double burger with cheese and any topics you like), a regular size order of fries ($2.99), and a regular sweet tea ($1.99 for all the fountain refills you can slurp). You can check out the entire mouth-watering menu here.

A cheese-normous, meat-normous, fry-normous festival

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  1. Hey. I’m a big fan of hamburgers. I wonder how they bring never-frozen, 100 percent Angus beef. $ 10.47 for the original turkey burger, fries and sweet tea – it’s not expensive.

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