Friday Night Lights

You might think I’m just some kind of party animal. But last Friday night I went to help out at the concession stand at the football at my daughter’s high school.

She plays tennis, but since football gets a much bigger crowd, that is where they sell the popcorn and hot dogs.

This is run entirely but volunteer parents.

I worked the popcorn machine, and thanks to my education in operations management I could calculate the production time at approximately one box of popcorn every 30 seconds, with the popping machine as the bottleneck – I could box up the popcorn faster than it could pop.

I don’t know what the average demand was, because I worked the first shift, before the game actually started. But we did build up a lot of inventory pretty fast, and had a hard time figuring out where to keep it all.

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  1. You are well done. Not many parents nowadays go to school for their children and help in organizing events. When I was in school my parents did not participate in school life.

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