Congratulations to Pacesetters and their Families

I had the privilege of attending the Fisher Pacesetters Awards yesterday at the Blackwell. (No, I am not a Pacesetter, so the ceremony was not for me. I was invited because I was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society.)

Pacesetters are selected from the top 2% of Fisher students, then candidates are further winnowed down to those with demonstrated leadership abilities. To be selected as a Pacesetter is a real honor.

(I want to pause to shout out to Jackie Trolio, Working Professional MBA, WPMBA Council officer and Pacesetter award recipient.)

Sitting in the audience, I started to think about what it takes to attain that level of achievement. I decided that no one, however preternaturally talented, could do it alone. Sitting with me, filling the room to capacity, were the families, friends and partners who supported the young phenoms emotionally and probably financially.

Without detracting from the credit due to the students, I want to acknowledge the families who stood behind them and groomed them for achievement; who kept engaged in their lives; who encouraged and mentored them to take on new challenges; who picked them up when they fell; who guided them to the opportunities available.

I’m sure these are not the first or the last honors they will receive. Please join me in congratulating the students along with their parents who more than deserve the glory obliquely reflected their way.