Different interview focus between U.S. and Chinese companies

I had a short conversation with VP of  HR in a fortune 500 company this morning. He is the VP of HR in China – I was introduced to him by the headquarter VP of HR in United States.

Though China is my home country, I had more interviews in the United States than in China. And I only learned the systematic HR knowledge and skills in the U.S.  So it is evident that I don’t have much either interviews skills and HR knowledge of China.

Through the interview process, I found that there are so many differences in HR between China and U.S. In an American interview, interviewer may first ask for a self-introduction (experience, skills, career plan), then the experience questions about success, problem-solving, teamwork, and professional skills. Finally, the interviewer will give interviewees opportunity to ask questions. In China, this interviewer asked me whether I have work experience, and what were my responsibilities in my previous work experience. In U.S., I think interviewers are also interested in classroom training; however, the Chinese interviewer ignored all the academic experience I have. I have had HR internship in a European company in China before. And I definitely recognized some of the differences. Chinese interview is more experience-centric.

Though I am Chinese, I feel like that there is still a lot for me to make effort if I want to work in China as an HR professional.

1. I need to know what are the exact differences in HR between China and U.S.

2. If possible, I should conduct mock interviews with different Chinese HR professionals before attending a “real life” interview.

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