Grow Your Hobbies

Literally and/or figuratively- growing your hobbies can help you keep your sanity amidst the all the homework, team projects, and tests you’ve got going on in school. My roommate’s hobby is brewing beer and I have a friend in the MLHR cohort whose favorite pastime is cooking gourmet meals with her significant other. This past weekend I spent some much-deserved time focusing on my own hobbies, scrapbooking and gardening. The de-stressing powers of cutting things out with zigzag scissors and playing with dirt are amazing!

Scrapbooking has been a hobby of mine since middle school, when I would help my mom create family scrapbooks full of pictures taken during summer break, holidays, and family vacations. Photographic evidence of the bad perm you had when you were 13 is definitely something that you want to cherish forever in a scrapbook. I’m currently working on a scrapbook of the trip to Germany and The Czech Republic that I went on last summer, and reliving my amazing travels as I complete each page. Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby and there is definitely a learning curve; I can easily drop $40 at the craft store on paper and stickers, and my work has gotten increasingly fierce over the years. That’s right, I said it– scrapbooking can be fierce.

Scrapbooks- a great way to keep evidence of bad haircuts, unfortunate clothing styles, and awkward faces you make.

Gardening is a hobby that I enjoy, but at which I am an utter failure. The only plants that have not died under my care thus far have been cacti and other desert-climate succulents. But I keep trying. This weekend I bought two young strawberry plants at Lowe’s for $2.98 a piece and re-potted them in containers that fit neatly inside a windowbox that formerly held dead ivy. Here’s to hoping that they stay alive and provide fresh berries all summer!

A windowbox full of future deliciousness

Regardless of what your interests may be, it’s important to spend time every week doing something that you enjoy. I’ve had weeks where all I did was schoolwork- and it turned me into a grumpy and anxious basket case. Cultivating a hobby is a common way my classmates and I relax outside of class, so that when Monday comes around we’re refreshed and ready to play nicely with one another. So put aside that boring amazingly interesting HR Information Systems textbook for 20 minutes and delve into your hobbies!