I’m So Over Spring

This is the time of year in Ohio when the weather is absolutely awful.

I do not exaggerate. It has been raining for the past 3 weeks, with just a few precious days of warm and sunny weather scattered in between. My parents live in Louisiana and they make a point of calling and bragging about how its hot as blazes and they forget what an umbrella even looks like. And the five-day forecast for this week doesn’t look any better:

Courtesy (if you could call it that) of www.weather.com

Here’s what isn’t so great about all of this:

  1. You need to invest in a sturdy pair of rain boots and a large umbrella
  2. You need to invest in a replacement umbrella for when you inevitably lose the first one
  3. The Graduate Programs Office keeps umbrellas on-hand for when you realize that you can’t keep track of your replacement umbrella
  4. It’s not exactly easy to pay attention in class when water is pelting the windows and the trees outside look like they’re about to snap in half from the force of the wind
  5. Getting homework done is equally difficult- it’s hard to muster the motivation when all you feel like doing is staying in bed with a good book and cocoa

Here’s what isn’t so bad about all of this:

  1. At least it isn’t snowing and icy
  2. Most buildings in the Fisher Business complex are connected by underground tunnels
  3. Graduation looms on the horizon

For Ohioans, this kind of weather is nothing new. But for those of us who do not hail from this fair state, the weather can be quite a shock. Here’s what I’ve learned during my two years here: keep a collapsible umbrella in your backpack and another in your car, plan on spending an additional 5 to 10 minutes commuting to campus- the drivers in Ohio drive verrryyyyy slooooowly in the rain, and make the Grad Pad in the basement of Gerlach Hall your new study area- there are no distracting windows!

One thought on “I’m So Over Spring”

  1. I’m from SoCal. I love spring in the midwest. (Easily my second favorite season after autumn.) The weather is SOOO schizophrenic. 75F one day, mid 50s the next. Love it. (seriously). This spring has been wetter than normal – last spring, if I recall, we didn’t get much rain. The way I figure it with the rain and all, it’s better to have “too much” (http://is.gd/161I5o) than “not enough” (http://is.gd/vbtMWG) 🙂

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