The MLHR Master's Examination

Although visions of graduation are dancing in our sweet little heads, we're not there just yet. During your final quarter in the MLHR program you must successfully pass the Master's Examination- for all those graduating in June, the case was released this past week. So naturally, we MLHR folks been more nervous and harried-looking than usual.

What is the exam? Here's the brief description that you'll see when your own day of reckoning arrives:

The master’s examination is mandated by the OSU Graduate School, and is the final validation of performance in meeting the program’s degree requirements. The master’s examination for the MLHR program consists of a thoughtful analysis of a case study. The purpose of the case study requirement is for a student to demonstrate mastery of knowledge learned throughout the MLHR program, and the direct application of concepts and frameworks learned to topical issues facing the HR profession.

The case was posted this past week and we have a week to read the case and write an analysis. The objective is to demonstrate that you know how to put everything that you've learned during the past 2 years to good use. Students are asked to analyze the case from the perspective of an HR professional (which we will be in a few short weeks!) and present their own, original recommendations. Each of us will submit a work of about 15 to 20 pages, which will then be blindly reviewed by faculty and deemed "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory."

While some of my peers are freaking out about it, I seem to have a much more devil-may-care attitude. I'm confident that I'll be able to tackle this case and utilize everything that I've learned during my past 5 years of HR education. But maybe, just maybe, I should buckle down and focus on the case instead of working on my blog :)

Results will be posted on May 11th- good luck to everyone taking it now and everyone who will be taking this in the future!