Class Action

Before I started the MLHR program, I wanted to know what the classes would be like. What would my classmates be like? Could I do it?

I’m now into the third quarter and I feel like we’re really starting to get into the heart of HR this quarter with classes in compensation and staffing. Finally! Not that I didn’t appreciate HR foundations, stats or research methods, but they just seemed like icing on the cake instead of the meat of the program. Then again, maybe that’s just my complete fear of stats talking. For anyone who may be considering the MLHR program who has a fear of stats, rest assured it’s not the nightmare that you might expect. Yes, it’s challenging, but not so hard that it immediately kills your dreams of being an HR manager.

Now onto this quarter. Along with staffing and compensation, I’m also enrolled in an economics seminar. I enjoyed economics as an undergrad, but this is a completely different approach to the guns and butter debate (You buy more guns, you buy less butter). In this session, our professor assigns a lot of reading from various disciplines, which we discuss and expound upon in reflection papers. This makes me think of an academic utopia: ideas freely exchanged, minds broadened, lessons learned.

Compensation will see us tackling a group project that is known to be time-intensive and thought provoking. This will be the first time I’ve had a chance to consider the implications of compensation and what goes into the fine points of dollar deals. And finally, staffing will lead us through an effective interview process as well as another group project about staffing a position. This will be applicable not only as future HR directors, but also as future job seekers who want to understand why some candidates are hired and others are not.

All in all it’s shaping up to be an interesting final lap to summer break. As much as I’m looking forward to spring sunshine, the overcast days make it easier to focus on the work at hand. Otherwise, I just might forget about all the reading and project work and just focus on getting a tan.