Free Time

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, hasn’t it? Just too busy, I guess.

Well, as you probably know, it’s the first week of spring quarter. I’m very excited about my classes. I’m in class four nights a week, but on Monday and Wednesday I only have one class at 8:00pm. So I can put my daughter to bed and then it’s off to campus, leaving my house at about 7:30. Any extra time I can spend with her is a bonus.

I’m taking Global Marketing and Sustainability, Government Regulation and Business Strategy, and Lean Enterprise Leadership. The Lean class is graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory (i.e. pass/fail). While I certainly expect to work for my “satisfactory” score, it feels less stressful for me to not have to worry about getting a specific grade. Also, we get a field trip on April 15th, which should be fun. I’ll be sure to report on that later.

My daughter and I have been attending swimming lessons once a week at the RPAC; I get a discount because I’m a student member. We start a new session this weekend. She loves the “bubbles” (an area of water jets) and the slide. Getting Mommy wet is fun too! There’s also a very shallow area where she can actually stand, but it kind of freaks her out. We’re working on it. My daughter is getting less afraid to put her face in the water, though! Hooray! Winter quarter was a rough time to start, though, because it’s so cold and when you’re out of the pool you’re freezing. Once spring decides to arrive, it will be so much better!

Meanwhile, we got our tax refund from Uncle Sam and decided to buy a digital SLR camera with the extra dough. Our little point-and-shoot is nice, but it can’t take very good pictures indoors without a flash. I’m excited to have a new way to spend my free time once I’m out of school; learning more about photography will be fun. (I did some film work as an undergraduate, but it is a different world now that digital has taken over.)

I used to think I had no free time before I started the MBA program. I was so wrong! I had tons! Who knew?