Spring break 2011

You'll forgive me if I'm a bit short with this entry. You see, I'm on vacation and I intend it to be "leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure" (thank you wordnetweb). To be honest, this has been a  rather heterodox spring break for me. I've always been one to work hard and play hard, but there is probably something to say about simply giving yourself time to relax. Over the past several years, I've transitioned into an adult life--arguable I know--that has taught me the virtues of having a  good work ethic. I feel I have been more than satisfied to sit down and rely on hard work to drive my future. I always thought it would provide me opportunities and it has; however, a new problem presents itself in that the opportunities all seem so viable! Spring break this year has afforded me the time to reflect and ponder over my life and its prospects over the next five to ten years. Thanks to my absolutely gorgeous and wonderful friends in the MAcc program, I had the most incredible environment in which to do it.

Since I know I'd have trouble attempting to illustrate how rejuvenating the entire break has been, I'll allow these thousand words to speak for me.

Nutshell spring break
Spring break in a nutshell

My time to reflect hasn't given me an answer to my dilemma but rather has given me direction and for that I am most grateful. Anyways, the beach is calling my name once more and I'm afraid I must answer. Oh and by the by, I've been able to catch up on some Harry Potter!