Goodbye Winter Quarter, Hello Spring Break!

So this quarter definitely flew by! I can’t believe we’re already two thirds towards earning our Masters degrees in Accounting! I really enjoyed my classes this quarter, but I’m also looking forward to my classes next quarter. I have signed up for a couple of accounting courses as well as a couple of finance courses. Specifically I’ll be taking an International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) course, a Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting course, Risk Management (a finance course), and a Stock Market course. The IFRS course should be a good refresher on the major differences between US GAAP and IFRS, which should be good to know in the future when the US finally adopts IFRS (or should I say if?) I am taking the Governmental and Not-for-Profit because accountants have a great opportunity to give back to the community by helping non-profits with their accounting, and the accounting in a not-for-profit organization is surprisingly different from what you typically learn in the average accounting course, so hopefully this class will prepare me to help out in the future. I am taking the Risk Management course primarily because it is being taught by possibly the most well renowned finance professor we have here at Fisher – René Stulz. The Stock Market course involves actively managing an actual OSU portfolio of investments, so that should be an interesting experience. I can’t stress enough of how great it is that we have access to many of the MBA courses here because it’s nice being able to mix up the accounting coursework with topics like finance, real estate, marketing, management, etc.

As much as I’m looking forward to my classes next quarter, I’m more looking forward to enjoying this next week off during spring break. I’ll be going back home for a solid week and it’ll be great to see all my family, friends, and even the mountains of Colorado. It will be over way too fast, and then I’ll be back here in Columbus for our final quarter. Until then.