“Hey Barbie, you’re looking pretty sassy in that swimsuit today…” ~ Ken

You won’t believe some of the sexual harassment that goes on when Ken and Barbie go to work!

For MHR 868 (Employment Law), we recently presented the group training projects that we had all been working on for the past few weeks. Regardless of whether you eat and breathe FLSA regulations or can’t stand memorizing what a prima facie case of discrimination is- you couldn’t help but enjoy the presentations each group made. Each group of students was assigned a training topic about a juicy legal issue such as workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, or workplace reductions in force. On Wednesday each group presented its training session and a panel of local HR professionals critiqued the merits of each video.

My group’s training scenario: “A water park in southern Ohio is getting ready to bring in 30 summer employees, who are primarily teenagers and college students who may not be familiar with sexual harassment. All of these new employees need to be trained on how to spot sexual harassment on the job and how to report it.”

Take a look at my group’s sexual harassment training video here:

[youtube 7FepZfEAsmo]

*I voiced the entire “Pest” scene and hope you enjoy it 🙂 *

When you work at a waterpark, wear swimsuits all day, and have plastic hands- sexual harassment is more common that you'd think!