Hmmmm… Grad school

Alright, so one of our professors says that grad school is not about learning what the teacher says, but making our own opinions based on what we hear from others.

So…. people (students, teachers) are talking about mid-term exams and how to go about studying for it. However, I’ve happily formed my own opinion about the whole thing and decided to pass the entire thing as too much hype.

However, this time round I decided to give this whole thing a try and actually try to study before the mid-terms. I even seemed to have a plan!

Thursday after classes: ‘I think I’ll finish studying Operations by tonight’

Thursday night 12:59 am : ‘Where on earth did all the time between afternoon and now fly by?! And what was I doing all this while staring at my laptop? Let me go to sleep now, get up bright and early tomorrow and then start afresh’

Friday morning: First breakfast, then a movie on Netflix, then lunch, then some phone calls… It’s evening. I break into a cold sweat.. Another day down the drain.

Saturday: Meeting in the morning, followed by what is supposed to be half a day of uninterrupted studies. Turns out that I can get ‘interrupted’ quite easily.. Like trying to see why my window blinds don’t always unfurl easily. Or, doing laundry.. Or cleaning the kitchen counters… (for god’s sakes!!!) So.. well, what can I say? There were too many interruptions for me to do anything useful today. I speak to my parents over Skype and wish my mom on her birthday.. Disadvantage of having to wish someone who lives to your east is that you can’t remember birthdays at the last moment – cos by then, it’d be the next day there!

Anyways, so right now it is Sunday, 2:49pm. I’ve not touched my books, I don’t want to, but I intend to.. When? I don’t know! Why? I just don’t know?

Will I pass my exams? The Lord only knows!!

Well, I didn’t really intend to ‘waste’ my time on blogging while I’m supposed to be studying, but then…. interruptions do happen!!

And I’ve learnt to live with them. So now I need to get back to studies before I have another interruption.

In the meanwhile, I’m trying to form my own opinion about exams in grad school..