There is no "I" in team...but there is a "Hotdog"

After the first week of classes this quarter, I managed to catch a stomach virus.  I was stuck at home, mostly confined to my bed and felt like I had been given a one-two punch to my head and gut.  And to make me feel worse, I had to miss our first core team meeting as well as an entire day of classes.  Luckily, I have the best team ever.

On the Sunday of our first scheduled meeting, I sent emails to my team letting them know that I was in bed with a fever and that I wouldn't be able to make it.  Here are some of their replies:  “Get well soon, Mama Miche”  “No problem, Mama.  We got this, you just worry about getting better”.  Nice, right?  But wait - there’s more!  The following Tuesday, I received a text from one of my teammates that went like this:

  • Teammate:  I reserved a room for our team from 12-1:30 on Wednesday before our quiz in marketing.
  • Me:  That is fantastic! After the past two days, I feel like I am behind in everything.  :(
  • Teammate:  You are, well at least in ops and marketing.  But that’s what teams are for!

This may seem like a simple, polite exchange but it meant the world to me.  Business school is demanding, time-intensive and, frankly, pretty darn hard.  When life happens, it is easy to fall behind – and once you are behind, it is nearly impossible to catch up.  I am so lucky to have a team that works together to make sure none of us is left behind!

Kudos to Fisher for putting so much effort into designing and training, highly-functioning core teams.  Most B-schools are heavily focused on teamwork and Fisher is no different.  However, I can’t imagine that the larger programs take time to ensure that core teams have a great mix both in demographics and in experience.  My (our) team consistently works well together, listens to each other and has fun while doing it!  Let me introduce you to Fisher FTMBA Class of 2012 TEAM TEN:

Ahmet "Turkish Delight" Kadioglu

Michael "Hotdog" Higgins, who apparently is some type of ghost or vampire - every attempt at a photo leads to a blurry pic!

Jonathan "JLowe" Lowe

That me, Michelle "Mama Miche" Petrel

Brandon "we can't agree on a nickname" Tackett. Suggestions encouraged!

Team 10: The best MBA team ever!

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January 31, 2011 at 4:58 pm

Typo! "That's" me, not "That" me. Forgive me, I haven't had MBA 201: Spelling for Managers. :)