You Don’t Win Friends With Salad

But if you’ve got BBQ chicken and sweet potato pie, it’s a totally different story. Earlier this week, the Fisher Black MBA Association won a whole lot of friends by hosting the first ever Soul Food Dinner.

My family lives in Louisiana and I spent part of my childhood in Texas, so I know all about the deliciousness of soul food; but some of my friends weren’t too sure about what to expect at this event. To provide a bit of context, here’s a quick explanation: soul food is a blend of cuisine introduced to Africans during European slave trade explorations, transferred from West Africa to the United States, and then tempered by the selection of foods available in the south. According to my savvy internet research: “Traditionally-prepared soul foods tend to be very high in fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories– qualities once-necessary for sustaining the physically grueling life of a captive worker in slavery-era America.” Soul foods tend to be fried or slow-cooked with oil, which makes them incredibly filling comfort foods, but not the first thing that comes to mind for those on health food diets. But don’t despair! Modern takes on soul food often keep the heart of this cooking style in mind, while embracing more “healthy” methods of preparation.

Yesterday’s dinner was the highlight of the week and students from all programs came out, bringing along family and friends for a great night of  food and community. At the Soul Food Dinner we feasted on:

  • Lip-smacking plain, honey, and BBQ chicken
  • Savory red beans and rice
  • Tender collard greens with turkey
  • Fried corn
  • Gooey baked macaroni and cheese
  • Zesty pasta salad
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fresh corn bread
  • Sweet potato pie
  • Deliciously tart lemonade

The event was a fantastic success and I had a great time at the event before spending the rest of the evening working on homework. With my belly full and my soul nourished, the evening’s homework was a little bit more palatable. Let’s hope that the Black MBA Association makes this a regular event!

Soul food: way better than another night of eating pizza

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