Hoop Dreams

Way back in high school, I was a basketball fiend.  During those summer breaks that we all wish we still had, I would play basketball from the time I woke up, until the time I was ready for bed.  Even when school was in session, on Wednesdays, classes didn’t start until 9:30, but I would get there at the normal start time just to play basketball for an hour and a half.  I would play in summer three-on-three tournaments, at the playground, or wherever there was a game.

That, however, was a long time ago.  Pretty much as soon as I walked off the stage with my high school diploma, I never picked up a basketball again.  I really don’t have a reason for it.  I wasn’t bored of the game, I didn’t have any injuries that prevented me from playing, I just stopped.  When the time came for the planners of the Fisher Games to put teams together, a second year student I work with in the GPO asked me if I wanted to play anything.  The choices were volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball.  I knew right away that I wanted to be on a volleyball team as I played fairly regularly back in Michigan, but was a little worried about signing up for basketball.

There were a few concerns I had; (1) I am 10 years older and 25lbs heaver than I was the last time I played, (2) even though I am a pretty quiet person normally, I am still competitive and dislike losing, and (3) last time I played I was fairly good, and I knew if I didn’t meet the expectations I had for myself I would be angry.  I put all that aside and signed up anyway.  It was a good thing I did since there were only two other people in the HR program who wanted to play and we needed a minimum of 3 for a team.

Today was the day of Fisher Games.  It was a lot of fun, even though our team got beat in the first round.  I did not play as well as I hoped I would, and I am as out of shape as I expected, but I still had a great time.  It also made me want to start playing again.  My timing was off, as well as my jump shot, but I plan on spending some time at the ARC throughout the rest of the year and getting back into “game shape”.  Hopefully I can get back into my old rhythm in a couple of months, and have a better showing next year.

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