Ready For Spring

For two Thursday nights in a row, it has snowed.  And for two Thursday nights in a row, I've had the wonderful privilege of getting stuck in traffic on 315N.  My once modest 15 min drive to OSU campus has now turned into 40+ mins, with 20 min of that drive being the last 2 miles.  I don't know if its just me, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in Columbus who knows how to drive in the snow.  Now that might sound like a really bold statement.  And it is.  Because growing up in South Dakota, it was a prerequisite to drive in snow - and lots of it.  After living in Ohio for the past year, I almost afraid of venturing out on the roads after a light dusting of snow.  It seems as if people in Ohio go into panic mode.  The most dangerous thing about it is people completely "underdrive" the road conditions.  To me, driving 5 mph is totally unacceptable - even with 2 in of snow on the ground.

Since I cannot change the weather, I decided to cure my winter weather blues and compile a 'things I'm going to do when Spring gets here' list.

1.  Ride my bike.  I cannot wait to get out and hit the roads and bike trails.

2. Go hiking at Hocking Hills.  This is a great place to get away for the day and enjoy the great outdoors.

3.  This may seem random, but I miss washing my car.  Maybe its just the idea of getting outside that makes me feel that way.

4.  PACK UP MY WINTER COAT.  And scarves.  And gloves.


5.  FLIP FLOP TIME!  I cannot wait to rock the flip flops for 8-9+ months.

I've officially decided I'm ready for Spring.  And not for any other reason except that I am tired of the 'white stuff'. (I refuse to  'type' the word).  I hope that Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow because I need some sunshine and 60 deg weather.

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