Erik the undergrad

In my  last post, I mentioned having the flexibility to take elective classes outside the Fisher graduate program. UPDATE: I added another class Bus ML 756: Product design and development (in the Fisher undergraduate program). Because my other class (Comm 634) is an upper level undergraduate/graduate course, I spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays morning as an “undergraduate” student.

This is, of course, a new experience for me. I feel like I am a new student in a new school. For the first time, I am taking classes outside Gerlach Hall.

The first difference of my undergrad classes from the usual courses is, obviously, not knowing anyone else in the class. I had to ask to make sure I was sitting in the right class.

Related to the first point, the dynamics of the class is different, so far, but that maybe because I am the foreign body that is disrupting the force. The 7:30 am schedule (ML 756) may also be to blame. Yes, that’s no mistake. I am taking a class that early in the morning during winter. Not the best time but I was really interested to take the class and the other schedule conflicts with my other class.

Lastly, the grading. Instead of the usual “grading in a curve”, something I first experienced in the US I might add, there are points that we have to earn to get the corresponding letter grade. My first quiz and assignment for my classes will be this week so fingers crossed.

So far, all of my classes have been great! I hope everyone else is having an awesome winter quarter too. 🙂