What was I thinking?

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a prospective Fisher applicant.  It made me stop and reflect on my own decision to apply to the Fisher MBA program and how I almost convinced myself not to apply to Fisher at all!  Sure – now it sounds crazy but I was convinced that I didn’t want to be a student at OSU.

When I began researching Full Time MBA programs, I discovered a multitude of criteria to consider: What kind of learning environment would I prefer? What kinds of student organizations would I like? The one thing I knew for certain was that I was NOT under any circumstances going to apply to the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University! I live in the Central Ohio area and I have lived in some part of Ohio for my entire life. When it came time to tell friends and family that I was going to pursue an MBA, I knew they would all assume that I would apply to Fisher. Naturally, I wanted to go against the grain and apply anywhere other than Fisher.

But as I researched potential schools based on my preferences, Fisher kept coming back as one of the top choices. Small class size? Check! Fisher only admits 150 FTMBA students/year. Sustainability focus? Check! Fisher offers an Enterprise Sustainability career track and has an award-winning Net Impact Chapter. Family-friendly location? Check! Columbus has everything you could ever want in a big city but with the feel of a small community. We even have the nation’s number one zoo for families! Add to that the beautiful Ohio State campus and all of the amazingly friendly and helpful faculty and staff in the Fisher College of Business and I was hooked.

I can honestly say that I am glad I didn’t let my stubborn-nature get in the way of this great opportunity.  All of the people at Fisher are genuinely interested in each students’ success and in helping each student reach their personal goals.   I can’t imagine getting my MBA anywhere else!

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January 19, 2011 at 5:24 pm
Michael Higgins

Surely the 1:25 shot of being on a team with me had to influence your decision somewhat.