Review of the first week of the fifth quarter!

As I've mentioned before (and have many other second-year students), it's so hard to believe the end is so near!

This quarter is already crazy - a lot of the classes are offered only at night, or at other weird times of the day/week.

For example, my classes run 1:30PM - 9:48PM two days a week, along with a project class with local businesses, that must be fit in during the rest of the week.

The really good thing about this quarter is that the majority of classes are ones that I'm excited about taking. Dr. Rucci's strategy implementation class has been really enjoyable thus far, aided by the fact that he is a truly amazing professor. The global sourcing class will really come in handy in many different future careers, and my project group includes two very stellar students. And who can forget Intopia, the business simulation course run by Dr. Dial. Our first two decisions were due by this morning, so our team was at lovely Gerlach Hall for untold hours last night... and into the morning. There are so many variables, but of course, not nearly as many in real life! The last course I'm taking the Lean Six Sigma project class, which partners students with local businesses to aid them in solving real, quantifiable problems.

This quarter also will bring many different events outside of the classroom. The first EOTW event was held Tuesday at the Rusty Bucket, where many students came to watch the Buckeyes play in the Sugar Bowl. Several famous groups are also coming to town soon, including Cirque Du Soleil. I recommend all OSU students check out D-Tix - which lists different events that students can get discounts to.

I hope everyone's quarter has started well!


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