I couldn’t think of anything to blog about until the blog administrator suggested a “what you’re looking forward to” theme which I thought would be perfect.

  1. My birthday.  Commonly abbreviated as B-day which for me is actually G-day (“Garren Day”).  Of course the MLHR Case Competition conflicts with it so I probably won’t be celebrating “my early twenties” (because we don’t announce the age) with any of my classmates.  We get an e-newsletter from Fisher every month letting us know about the going ons in and around Fisher, and they normally include the birthdays of people in the different programs.  I am probably going to email the Program Coordinator to remove my birthday so that people are less inclined to deduce my age.
  2. BuckeyeThon! BuckeyeThon is a 17-hour dance marathon that raises money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Our dance marathon is February 26-27 from 5pm-10am (the next day).  One of my professors had a family emergency this week, so my class got canceled this Wednesday.  I have never been able to go to meetings, because they always have them during Wednesday nights when I have class.  I was FINALLY able to go, and I was really glad to actually see my fellow Morale Captains and other people in the organization.  It will be my first and last one, but we are already at least a third way there to our goal of $150,000.  Last year, we didn’t even have that THE DAY BEFORE.  If you would like to donate you can at the link below and then type in “Garren Cabral”                        http://www.helpmakemiracles.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.donate&eventID=666
  3. SPRING BREAK.  I know it seems like “Um isn’t this just the first week?”.  I mean I will probably be done with the quarter by next week, but I am more excited about it to warm up.  Spring and fall are my favorite weather conditions…summer is too hot (like I slip out of my flip flops because of my sweat) and winter is too cold (and I look like a behemoth because of all the layers I am wearing).
  4. Internship?  Hopefully, I can either land a paying internship or my supervisor (with the internship I currently have) wins the grant that she applied for and I get paid.  Another person in my program is now interning there too so I’m glad I have a fellow coworker in my program/age bracket.

I also hope to be admitted to the dual program I applied to (Higher Education and Student Affairs), and that I can find myself an assistantship for next year.  The other 4 (except for the last one) are givens, so I did not list it.  I also am excited for my favorite show to premiere today, but also not really interesting.