New Year, New Quarter

Winter Quarter 2011 has snuck up on me! I spent some quality time with family since finals, and the weeks have flown by. I got an ‘ukulele for my birthday, and I’ve been practicing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to sing with my daughter. (I’m going to need this new hobby to fill the spare time void left by graduating from the MBA program.) My daughter got a lot of loot for Christmas; tons of toys she doesn’t have to share with the other toddlers at daycare.

Tomorrow I go back to work and back to school. I’m taking three classes again; this time around I know I can handle the load, but it is certainly easier to manage the time needed to study for two classes instead of three. This summer I’ll be taking the last two core courses, and they’ll be offered one at a time in five-week segments. That will be quite a change for me.

What’s up for this quarter? Global Sourcing, Securities Markets, and Strategy Implementation. Should make life interesting for the next 10 weeks. Three more quarters and I’ll be set to graduate in August. I’m over the crest of the hill and it feels like the end is in sight.