CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals)

I am a graduate student in the Fisher MBLE, or Master of Business Logistics Engineering, program at Fisher. If you you are thinking of applying for this program or have already received your office of admission, congratulations!. Let me tell you about an advantage you can look forward to in this program.

When you start the Fisher MBLE curriculum, you might be get nervous or embarrassed because you do not know where to start even though you are flooded with lots of information. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. You will not miss any information and take your time with advice, tips, and information the school offers. However, let me tell you something about a huge organization for all future or current supply chain professionals. It’s called the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, or CSCMP. At the beginning, you may keep saying ‘CS..What? What is it?’ You will hear about it many many times. Simply, it’s a council that MBLE students can (and should) join. You only need to pay a $30 fee to become a member of the council. You will see a lot of opportunities and information which will help you understand practical issues, career search, and regional activities, related to the study and practice of logistics.

I’d like talk about Columbus regional activities. Once you become a member, you will receive emails regarding regional activities in the area. Activities include presentations, seminars, and field trips to logistics facilities.

Registering for an event costs you about $15, but it will be worth it. (Walk-in fee for non-members is about $40.) You will hear about current issues, meet current professionals in the field, and network with them about supply chain and logistics. When you take a field trip, you will see, hear, and experience how logistics and supply chain systems are working out there in the real world.

Well, I can spend more and more time talking about this organization, but I want to tell you this:

1. Do not be overwhelmed with all the information you will receive upon application and (hopefully!) admission. Everything will be explained by the MBLE program adviser, faculty director and/or related personnel.

2. Do not be passive if you’re in the program – search, join, and mingle! Opportunities to be involved are plenty at Fisher.