First Quarter Complete and the Wexner Center

Now that I’m officially on break, I felt obligated to write one more quick blog entry for the quarter (and by “obligated” I may mean that I have so much more free time without group projects to worry about that I have plenty of time to write a blog entry). I cannot believe I am completely done with my whole first quarter here at OSU. My fellow MAccers and I now are 33.33% Masters of Accounting! It may be partially due to the fact that I’m used to the 16-week semester system, but these last 10 weeks have simply flown by!

Regarding finals week in the MAcc program – it was not entirely unbearable. I had two final exams, and luckily for me, they were both on Thursday. This made Thursday kind of rough, but I had the entire week off to focus solely on preparing for my exams, which was nice. Aside from a ton of studying during the week, the MAcc group made sure to enjoy our last week together before winter break. Here’s a great group picture of some of the MAcc students at an end of quarter get-together:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="374" caption=""MAcc the Halls""]"MAcc the Halls"[/caption]

One little trip that some of us took this week was a visit to the Wexner Center for the Arts on the OSU campus. We visited the art exhibit titled “Six Solos” which is described on the Wexner Center’s website as follows,

“This set of independent exhibitions features the work of six rising international artists on view inside and outside the Wexner Center. Organized by the Wexner Center and opening in conjunction with the center’s 21st anniversary celebrations, the presentations continue the Wex's tradition of supporting younger artists in their efforts.”

My favorite piece was a LED lighting exhibit on the exterior of the building by Erwin Redl. This was just another example of how there are always interesting things happening on campus, and the majority of them are free for us students (such as the Wexner Center exhibits).

I will be spending the duration of my break back home in Colorado and it will be great to be home for the next few weeks. To all my fellow MAccers/friends around the world during break and to anyone reading this, happy holidays and enjoy your time off this winter!