My first Thanksgiving and my Mom’s first email id..

Yea, I see the question on your face. There is nothing more common between my first Thanksgiving in the US of A and my mom’s first email id other than the date that they happened. More connections will follow in this post. We say that the grad student’s life is miserably hectic – not that we ‘say’, let me rephrase – A business grad student’s life IS miserably hectic. During our orientation week (which by the way seems far far away..) one of us asked the second year students ‘I see that there are classes only till the Thursday of the week. I was wondering what the students get to do on the Fridays…’ Every ‘enlightened second year soul’ in the classroom burst out laughing and just said ‘you’ll know..’ May be they felt the need to be kind to us as we were all looking like this during our first week. All the scrambling and anxiety have given way to relatively more confidence and more anxiety – yes, then it was only the

Doe facing the headlights of a vehicle

anxiety of getting accustomed to the place and the people, but now add performing in class, doing well in exams (if i dare count that) and searching for an internship to that list – you get a potpourri of anxiety-elevators. Anyway, before I digress too much, what I wanted to say was that in this fast paced, hectic, stressful life style of a business grad, holidays are like thirst quenchers to a desert traveller. After a very long time we had a truly long weekend during the weekend of Thanksgiving. This weekend was eventful in many ways – family get togethers, the famous OH-MI game, and shopping!!! I cannot ask for more. 🙂 I spent the Thanksgiving day with an American family. It was wonderful. I learned a lot about their culture, their everyday life style, their perceptions on many things and a little bit about their value systems. It was amazing and gladdening for me to see the extent to which they reached out to host complete strangers on that very special day meant for family get togethers. I felt like I was in a more happier and a drama-free version of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ 🙂 We were three Indian students at their place on that day. We spoke about a lot of things without having any reservations about ‘sensitive topics’ such as Obama’s rule, outsourcing, caste system in India etc. I was actually surprised when they brought politics into the conversation. As far as I knew, you steer clear of politics especially when you do not know the other person very well. But, it was interesting to hear the debate between the family members on the two sides of american politics. May be things are changing. All in all it was a day well spent, thanks to International Friendships Inc.

Talking about changing world, my Mom’s world has changed what with she having her first ever email id. It’s been a very long time since I was telling her to create one for herself and now that she has finally done that, I am not sure I feel like emailing my Mom. Well, I have never done that before – we had never been very far away that we could not call each other over phone. So now it’s kinda strange for me to sit and write to her about anything. Like a 13 yr old, she wants to see an email from me everyday. Hmmm, now that’s going to be difficult – I don’t know if I am ready to handle a teenager in the midst of my school work. Let’s see how that goes.

Ah, coming back to an awesome weekend –

Thanksgiving is always followed by Black Friday – a God sent day for shopholics. I was warned of the mad crowd in the shopping malls. But I ventured out anyways, I have always been brave you see :-P. Well, I was in for a slight disappointment – If that’s what people refer to as a ‘mad crowd’  I wonder what the word for the actual ‘crowd’ at the shopping malls in my hometown on a normal weekend would be- It would be interesting to find out 🙂