It’s Time to Get Cleaning, I Mean Studying!

There’s a spot on the wall I haven’t seen before and a disorganized drawer in the bathroom. The coasters need scrubbed and the ironing needs finished. The chicken coop isn’t looking real inviting either. All of this can only mean one thing: It’s finals time! Ugh.

In an undergrad galaxy far far away I started cleaning my apartment to distract myself from studying for finals. It was productive and necessary, so it really wasn’t procrastination, right? My roommate and I would tidy everything. We still joke about it today whenever there is something we don’t want to do. She’s a teacher now, so sometimes she prefers grout work to grading papers. Speaking of which…I think the bathroom tile needs to sparkle. Besides, I’ll be hosting a big family get together in a few weeks. No time like the present to get cleaning!

On the plus side, studying has begun, no matter how much I would rather have my wisdom teeth pulled while still wide awake (yeah, I did that!) or spend the weekend washing dog cages with my toothbrush. Surely in these modern times there is an alternative to finals as a means of evaluation. Whenever I start grousing around like this, I try to think of children who will never have access to higher education and the limited opportunities of my grandmothers. How can I really pout and whimper about studying? It sounds so pitiful.

So as I clean, er, study, I will keep the end of the quarter in sight. One quarter of grad school is nearly finished, and that’s a great feeling. Now quick, someone do something about this little dust bunny that’s been hiding in the corner! (No animals were actually harmed in the creation of this dust bunny, although she is requesting a cleaner cage!)

Happy Holidays everyone!

3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Cleaning, I Mean Studying!”

  1. haha i like the ‘dust bunny’!! good luck studying for finals…i think i need divine intervention w/ stats :/

  2. I’m right with you on stats and NPV! The sad thing about the dust bunny is we found her like this one day in a dark corner of the house…

  3. Awesome! My room is actually uncharacteristically clean too. Exams do motivate people to become clean freaks.

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