Mirror Lake Jump 2010

If something that was considered “illegal” was made lawful for one night, would you do it? I did! I jumped into Mirror Lake last week.

OSU fans jumping into the campus lake. Photo by Jon Barkan.

Jumping into the lake is technically criminal trespassing but is allowed for the Michigan week tradition, usually the Thursday before The Game. Because this day conflicted with Thanksgiving this year, the jump was moved to Tuesday. That meant doing crazy stuff (and risking getting sick) on a school night. (Just in case anyone needs background information, click here to read more about the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry).

But since we are technically Ohio State “seniors” and might not get another chance, some of my classmates and I still decided to participate in this grand tradition. It was freezing cold (mid 30s) but it was an awesome experience that everyone should try at least once. A bonus: Footage showing our group was shown on national TV. Sure, only my back (I think) was seen but I could still say I was there and no one can prove otherwise. Click here to see what may have been part of the footage that was aired.

With Ohio State winning 37-7 over Michigan, the jump was doubly worth it! Here’s to extending the Buckeyes 7 win streak against the Wolverines. Go bucks!