Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I was working with my teammate Logan this afternoon on an Accounting case study, and we both were scratching our heads over a certain problem. After some discussion, he found an important number in the case, I found a hint from our textbook, and together we were able to solve for the answer to the problem. My response, "Teamwork makes the dream work!" Logan: "You are a nerd. I wish we could take our final in groups." Ugh... if only...

I have to admit, coming into the MBA program, one of the aspects I was most worried about was the idea of being tied to the same core team of five for an ENTIRE YEAR. In the past, I felt I always got burned with being placed on a team with free riders, or people who just lacked motivation to perform at a high level. I was dreading being "stuck" with people I didn't get along with.

Little did I know, I had nothing to worry about! The Fisher MBA program only attracts motivated, high-achieving students. We haven't even come close to having an issue with someone not pulling their weight. In fact, I am consistently impressed with how my teammates are always ahead of the game. We leverage each others strengths, use our time effectively, and have been successful in our group work. But for me, that hasn't even been the most rewarding aspect...

When it comes down to it, I really, really like my team. That is not to say we always agree, but we are able to constructively challenge each other to create the best outcome for the group. I can appreciate each individual for what they bring to our team's dynamic. Logan always has a funny story to share, Adam helps us all keep perspective, Aaron's laugh can make me laugh any day, and Ankita is the most thorough and sweet one of us all.

So for those perspective students who are a little nervous about the group dynamic - take it from me, you have nothing to worry about! My guess is that your group experience, like mine, will be one of your favorite aspects to the MBA program. I'm excited to be "stuck" with my team for another two quarters!

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