Isn’t that a phrase that just seems like it would be fun to say in a court room?

In my MHR 861 class tomorrow night, that’s exactly what I plan on saying. Hopefully, a few times. In this class we have been focusing on the labor negotiation process and for the past 3 weeks we have had a mock arbitration session during each class.

The class was divided into teams comprised of 5 to 6 people and each week we hear a management team and a union team duke it out over a case of something like wrongful termination. Each side receives a package of case materials including various documents and an arbitration transcript and has one week to prepare for the arbitration session. The cases that we are presenting are cases that have actually happened and it is our job to present the case as strongly (or stronger). Our professor has been an arbitrator for many real life cases and that’s what we get to recreate each week in class!

Tomorrow night it is my team’s night to shine and we spent hours laboring over the case transcripts, determining what we wanted to say and what we thought was irrelevant. We also pored over the documents, the “exhibits” if you will, and decided what was most important to call attention to during the arbitration session in class. For the presentation, I will be playing the part of the formidable management lawyer and my team members will each be playing very honest and trustworthy members of the management team 🙂

Tomorrow our classmates will get to hear about a case in which an employee was terminated for failing to show up to work. Allegedly. After spending days planning out all the questions that I’ll be asking, “allegedly” has somehow slipped into my everyday vocabulary. After hearing the case presentation, they will then get to think about the testimonies, the facts, and what they have learned in class- and then write a paper about what they think the arbitrator should do. How’s that for applying something you learned in a book to what happens in real life?!?

I think I might be having a little bit too much fun with this whole playing-a-sharky-lawyer thing. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow; rather, what will allegedly happen tomorrow.

What Would Johnny Do?

2 thoughts on “I OBJECT!”

  1. Wait…you never said “I object!” once!! But I agree with you, it would have been really fun to get to say that in the middle of class yesterday. I think both sides were just so careful to not say the wrong thing that it became a very clean case.
    Aside from Heltsley and his admitted reasoning for going to Nashville. 😉

  2. i know- i was pretty sure that there would be a few leading questions or some badgering, but the arbitration was pretty tame compared to the transcripts from the real arbitration session! but management won, right? 🙂

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