Don't get sick now!

Last week, all the work and lack of sleep finally took their toll on me. After more than a year in the United States, I got sick for the first time. It was a good run, which unfortunately had to end.

Note to self: A flu shot is not an end-all for all diseases. You could get a cold - and that was exactly what I got. Being sick is just a hassle - piling up my to-do list even higher because I need to get better. I had to spend the entire Thursday in bed to try to get at least a little better. I think I got sick because of lack of sleep.

We still do need sleep. Although we do have a responsibility to do well in school and in our other activities, we also have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. I may have forgotten that for a bit - sleeping for only about 4 hours per night for quite a while. And for someone who cannot function well without sleep, that is saying something. Case in point: today, I was frantically looking for my phone WHILE I was using it. A new low, even for me. A similar thing happened to me last year, which I explained in my EPI speech. See post here.

I'll try to have at least a "lazy day" per week, although it might be hard now that there is only two weeks for finals (!). This means deadlines are breathing down are necks again. The good news, the break will be here soon. And I can't wait for snow! :)

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