High Self-Esteem

I would say that this past week will be the first time that I actually started to feel like I am doing well in graduate school.  All thanks to Elle Woods.

Last Sunday, I was trying to get myself into gear to start studying.  I really try to not give myself that much free time at home (because I always feel guilty and claim I should be studying).  But Legally Blonde was on TBS when I turned on the TV… a classic.  So I had to take 2 hours out of my study time to watch the movie.

Legally Blonde is about a sorority girl who applies to the prestigious Harvard Law School to try and win her boyfriend back.  At first she has a hard time fitting in and adjusting to life as a law student, but she eventually “finds her way” and is a success. Elle Woods and I actually have nothing in common (except for maybe the whole Greek thing) but for someone reason my self-esteem rose after watching the movie.  Though I still feel like I am adjusting (I still haven’t even finished my first quarter), I did have similar feelings like questioning if I were “smart enough” for graduate school, and if I would make friends who were similar to me.  Elle almost quit, and I swear after one stats class I thought I was going to be weeded out of the program.  Elle ended up succeeding and it made me realize that I will, too.

Okay, this movie made me feel better, but it is actual results that actually boosted the self-esteem.

1) I got a 100% on my 851 midterm (first grade in the class I think so really wasn’t sure how that was going to look).  Going through the first 2 books for that class was utterly painful especially since I have to read in depth.  I HAVE to read or I just don’t get it, and I have never been able to sell back books because of the mass amount of highlighting and writing I have done in the book.  It finally paid off and I was so happy.  I don’t ever think that I got a one hundred percent on any midterm/final in undergrad (knock on wood).  Like all the points.  I was telling my coworker Tiffany about it and she said “I didn’t even know that was possible.” RIGHT.  It pays to read (no matter how what the topic and HOW MUCH).  Also, it was a blue book test (well, the book wasn’t blue but it was all writing) so that made me feel even better.

2) I am actually starting understand this business language.  I think one of the most helpful books I have read this quarter to help me understand “the business” is Financial Intelligence for HR Professionals.  I mean don’t have me audit your financial documents.  However, many times in class  when the MBAs or those who have more business experience speak in my 863 class sometimes I’m like “Whuh?” “Huh?” and this is the first week that I actually understood the business language they were talking about.

3) We didn’t have stats this week (the main killer of my self-esteem).  Haha … actually, I am starting to understand things in that class as well.

I am done with both of my presentations in one class, have a paper and presentation for another (which thank goodness we don’t present until after Thanksgiving but that should only be justifiable since I always had to present AND take a quiz for 863 and I was a part of half of the class who had to present twice).    I probably have a few more quizzes for my other classes but I am not to worried (knock on wood again).

There are other things going on this week which have left me feeling good and positive for this quarter’s GPA.  Still no internship though.  I had an interview set up with the Office of Budget and Management which  I would’ve LOVED for the fact that I want to work in the public sector/small-medium business but apparently because of the election they are having staffing changes (which makes sense) and it was canceled/postponed.  The only thing that is kind of a bummer is that I will not know until December/January if they are even going to offer an internship.  As much as I want to do it, I have school requirements I have to achieve, but I know everything will work out for the best.

This week is going to be a busy week (and a 5-day week, too wahhhhhhh) so you’ll hear all about it in 6-7 days from now!

Have a great week!


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