Community Service Day

This week was a good week for community service here at the Fisher College of Business. Not only did we have the FETCH! Program, which Michael Barbosa already discussed on this blog, but we also had an aptly named “community service day” on Friday. Although it was mainly for first year MBA students, this event was open to all Fisher grad students and gave us an opportunity to volunteer for various causes around the Columbus area.

Since we did not have classes on Thursday this week, a few of the MAcc students decided to use the extra long weekend to help out with this great cause. As a group, we were assigned to volunteer at the LifeCare Alliance. I believe other places for volunteers included an animal shelter, the Ronald McDonald house, etc. The LifeCare Alliance’s website explains that the

LifeCare Alliance provides services to assist older adults or chronically ill residents in Franklin and Madison Counties. These services include, home meal delivery, homemaker and home health aides, and health services from RNs at our Wellness Centers. The primary goal of each of our services is help seniors remain in the comfort of their own homes with dignity, which is where 100% of them want to be. For each older adult or chronically ill person LifeCare Alliance keeps in their own homes, it saves Ohio taxpayers over $40,000 per year.

Along with these great services, they basically have a miniature grocery store within their facility where people can come and shop for the essential things anyone would need at an affordable price suited for the clientele of the LifeCare Alliance. This is where the MAcc group spent our day volunteering. We helped do a lot throughout the day, but mainly we assisted in cleaning up one of their storage rooms as well as helping to sort some donated food products. Not only was this a great chance to give back to the Columbus community, but it was also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with some quality people. Here’s a picture of the happy group at the end of the not-so-labor-intensive day (unfortunately there were no “Team MAcc” shirts, but now we all have a great disguise if we ever need to blend in among the MBAs):

Community Service Day
From left to right: Paige, Michael, Dave, me (Tyler), Tao

The next MAcc-related community service event will be the VITA program, which I’m sure will be featured on here by at least one of us MAcc students, so stay tuned.