Car alternatives

Ever since I got my drivers license last summer, I’ve been itching to get a car. At times, I thought I needed it. Other times, I thought I was fine without it. I did survive the entire first year of the program without one. Actually, I survived my entire life without one. But then, the value of a car here in the US is completely different from back in the Philippines.

Anyway, there became a point that I began asking for quotations for certain car models. But then, the more I thought about it, the clearer it became that I can put off getting myself a car.

First, I live on campus. Majority of the week will only be spent at school or at work, both places within a mile radius from my dorm. I’ll only be able to use it during weekends. With football games every Saturday this quarter, that is one day less. Sunday, I usually just go to church and maybe, at school if projects are almost due. I go to the Newman Center which is on campus.

Next, a lot of the places I frequent are accessible by bus – either the campus bus (CABS) or COTA. I think it’s pretty awesome that OSU students just need to show their BuckID to ride the COTA for free. We pay less than $10/quarter to ride anywhere. Compare that to the normal $1.75/one way ride and you’ll see what an amazing deal that is! You just have to know the bus schedules. Sometimes, they are unreliable, i.e. not there as scheduled. They are pretty ok though, especially during the work week.

CABS bus and a COTA bus behind it

Another option would be car sharing. Hertz offers a fleet of cars you can borrow by the day or by the hour. The rates already include fuel, insurance, maintenance, and campus parking. For someone like me who doesn’t need a car that often, this is a pretty sweet deal. Car options include the Toyota Camry and Prius Hybrid, Ford Escape, Ford Ranger, and Mini Cooper.

Of course, you can always carpool with your friends. Nothing like a day with your friends to keep you sane!

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