OSU vs. Purdue

My husband and I went to the game last Saturday. Professor Jay Dial was there, too, being recognized for receiving the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching earlier this year. Unfortunately, he flashed by too quickly on the scoreboard for me to get a picture.

The game was great, if a little repetitive. Touchdown after touchdown after touchdown. (Ha!) The Bucks made Purdue look like a hapless high school junior varsity squad at times. Too bad they didn't do so well against their previous opponent. We'll see if the new #1 falls yet again this weekend. I suppose if Ole Miss scores a touchdown against Auburn on their first kickoff return, we'll find out!

We sat in the nosebleed section, almost directly below the Iowa pennant. It was unfortunately the away side, which meant we didn't get the full effect of the halftime show and Elvis dotting the "i"--in "Elvis," not "Ohio." I thought it was a bit silly to dedicate a whole halftime show to the King, but it was funny. The Elvis impersonator was only okay. If this were Las Vegas, you'd have a better crop of those dudes to pick from.

After the game, we made the trek from the stadium to the southeast corner of Lane and High, passing the massive street party that forms along Lane Avenue during home games. Where were we going? To eat at a taco truck: El Manantial Latino. My husband works at Ohio State and frequents this truck for lunch. He had a huge order: two empanadas (beef and chicken), one cheese arepa and plantains. I, being a vegetarian, opted for the arepa and plantains. The arepa was like a flat cheese tamale, but griddled instead of steamed. The plantains were deep fried--health food!--and oh so delicious. You can see a picture of the taco truck itself in the gallery below. The menu can be seen in a larger picture here. It was much better than any of the humongous chain restaurant options nearby; and the truck really wasn't busy after the game. In contrast, the BW3 across the way was jam-packed. Well, Buffalo Wild Wings opened its first restaurant in Columbus, so you could argue that it's "local". It is awesome how some local restaurants can "make it big" and start taking over the world, but at the same time I think eating in locally-owned restaurants is better than choosing from homogenized menus intended for large regions of the country.

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I hope everyone has a happy Halloween weekend!