A rolling stone… well, you know the rest.

This past week has been a haze of interviews, midterms, projects, group meetings, phone calls and of course, the everyday tasks – like eating, sleeping (hopefully!), cleaning, etc.

Although the Class of 2011 technically has until graduation (mid-June) to find a full-time career… it seems like you’re behind if you’re not madly rushing to second-round interviews at a hectic pace.

For me, it’s been a busy few weeks – it really forces you to decide whether a company is a good fit for you, when you need to either skip class, miss hanging out with friends, or otherwise disrupt your life to attend second-round interviews. I had the good fortune of interviewing with Belden, in Richmond, IN this past Monday. The plant tour made me nostalgic for Owens Corning, my previous employer. Once you’ve worked in manufacturing, you either realize you love it (like me), or you get the heck out. I also was invited up to the Paint & Coatings Division of Sherwin-Williams in Cleveland, OH. Having worked as a painter and a maintenance tech for a number of years, I knew enough about their products to have a very engaging conversation with the CEO of this company at the Fisher Scholar’s luncheon a few weeks ago. I am very grateful that he thought highly enough of me to pass my information along to this division.

In other news, 5 Class of 2011 MBA students will be traveling to Arkansas this Thursday – Sunday to compete in a Graduate Logistics Case Competition, sponsored mainly by Sam’s Club. I have not been to Arkansas for a few years, and I’m excited to compete in another case competition – the Internal Case Competition last year was extremely rewarding!

In case no one else has mentioned it yet, this past Friday was the annual Fisher MBA Halloween party. This time it was held at Callahan’s, in the Arena district. Everyone appeared to having a great time! It was nice to be able to mingle with first and second year students, as well as those from other programs, and their friends and significant others. An important part of maintaining sanity in graduate programs is having a solid support network of friends, and being able to loosen up and “check out” every once in awhile. A big thanks to the Fisher Graduate Student Association Social Chairs for setting up this event!

Check back for another post next week – I look forward to telling you about how the Logistics Case Competition went!