Diversity, It’s not just an old wooden ship.

In case you haven’t seen the greatest masterpiece in the history of film, “Anchorman” you can click below to see a clip from the movie that will explain the hilarity of the title of my post today.

Anchorman- Diversity Clip

Of the many things that I love about Fisher, I have to say that the diversity of my class is definitely at the top of the list. While the aim of many MBA programs is to have a diverse group of students, I witness first-hand every day just how committed Fisher was to making sure our classroom experience is rich in diversity of opinions. Our discussions give great insight to global business and the various cultures across the world.

While riding to Louisville, KY for the National Association of Women MBA’s Conference I sat next to one of my wonderful classmates who is from India. I figured that I might as well take advantage of the trip and the opportunity to speak freely with her and so I began asking her about where she was from, her culture, and her time in the U.S. I am so thankful because she was very open and I learned a great deal from our conversation.

She explained to me how certain arranged marriages in her country are done, and how her marriage was slightly different. As an American who has grown up desiring a “Love” marriage, I was really impressed with the logic behind her marriage. Having met her husband I was equally as impressed with her choice. We talked about several of our similarities, our differences, as well as how she felt about the portrayal of her country in Hollywood with films such as “Slumdog Millionaire”.  We talked about my love of food and cooking and she promised to make me a tasty dish from India and I promised her I would make her my very own Macaroni & Cheese.

It was such a wonderful opportunity and we both felt comfortable exploring each others backgrounds and getting to know one another even better. While I like to think I get around to smiling and talking with everyone, I truly appreciate the value of having real conversations with our friends from abroad.

As I prepare to study abroad next year I look to the current international students for strength and confidence. They bring so much to the table that I can only hope to do the same when I’m in a classroom outside of my home country. I hope that six weeks into school our international students feel welcome and see this as their home away from home. If not, I hope they seek me out so that we can connect, and I can make them some good Southern comfort food (adjusting for dietary restrictions of course)!

I’m sure my other classmates can echo my sentiments. The diversity at Fisher is amazing and when we graduate and re-enter the workforce we’ll be better managers with global mindsets because of it. As always I have to give a bit of advice to any prospective that may be reading this. My advice to you is to pick a program that values diversity more than just talking about it. Look at the demographics of the previous classes and take that into account. As business becomes more global so too should we as future business leaders. I may be biased, but Fisher should be at the top of your list! 🙂


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  1. I have full confidence that you will LOVE being abroad and have no issues acclimating! Especially if you make them some of your delicious food!

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