The Hampton Inns of the Midwest

As I sit (in a very cushy) suite at the Hampton Inn in Richmond, Indiana, I realize that I will spend nearly 20% of my time in the foreseeable future in places like this.

Second round (on-site) interviews are a complicated dance between potential employers and employees. It’s not only a chance for you to impress them, but for them to woo you as well.

Case in point. Upon checking in to this particular Hampton, I received a “goody” bag with two pens, a flashlight, a chocolate bar, a box of color-coordinated M&M’s, a book and a leather-ensconced flash drive (never seen one of those before).

This evening, a group of company representatives will be chauffeuring us to the infamous pre-interview dinner. For those of you that may not have participated in one of these yet, be warned, it is 100% NOT about the food. Remember to be polite, ask questions, and most importantly, follow the lead of the company representatives. If they order an adult beverage, feel free to, but I recommend sticking with water or a soda, just to be safe. Remember you are there to interact with your potential employer. It’s fine to talk with the other students, but be cognizant of the things you say, and the tone of your voice, as well as your body language.

Tomorrow is a tour of the headquarters, as well as one of their distribution facility, then a full afternoon of interviewing. It’s important to remember that you should not take anything for granted at any point in this process – even though you may have scored some “loot”,  you must continue to show why YOU are the most qualified, most sincere, and most likely to succeed.

I wish all of you in this position the best of luck – remember you have many resources you can reach out to, such as the Career Management Office, other students, mentors, alumnus, and so many more.