I Go to the Fisher College of Business…

…and all I get is some crummy pizza. Maybe Panera boxed lunches if I’m lucky.
I recently got re-trained on how to be a blogger. Yep, the first training apparently wasn’t enough. Expectations were clearly set – thou shalt publish at least one blog post per week. I promptly ignored that.
Actually, I didn’t really decide to ignore that stipulation. Despite what some members of the class ahead of us claimed, the second year of business school is no easier than the first. In fact, I think it’s probably even more difficult. We’ve all figured out the game by now, and in fact are all adept at doing enough work to get by and do well in class while running student organizations, conducting our job search, and feigning some sort of social life. However, the time commitment to survive/succeed at all of those – at the same time – is preposterous. I’ve already had many days that started at 6AM and ended at 1AM – with very little so far as breaks during that time. Why did I sign up for this…
We’ve been in classes for a little over a month now and I’ve been back in Columbus after my stint in Hong Kong for nearly two months. It seems like just yesterday I was riding the 7AM ferry back from Macau…I do miss it.
Anyways, there are many, many good things to report:
  • MBA2012 – with a few exceptions (you know who you are), the new class of graduate business students is a good bunch. They are very involved, enthusiastic, and off to a good start. They seem to be freaking out about school just about as much as my class did last year – how silly they will feel when they look back at this time!
  • Fisher Professional Services – is off to a good start. This responsibility certainly tests me on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.
  • Chicago – I got to visit a couple weeks back. Returning to a big city made the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I rolled through the streets searching for the Intercontinental Hotel. Oh, I wasn’t staying there, my friends were. I have a feeling Chicago and I will meet again. Oh, and the MTR >> The “L.” Sorry.
  • Old Friends – While I do genuinely enjoy meeting new people, I very much appreciate seeing old friends as well. This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing some high school and Purdue friends. I got nothing productive accomplished most of the weekend, but it was worth it.
  • Case Interviews – I had the privilege to due a mock case interview with the one, the only, Marc Cosentino. In front of 140 people. Fun. Someone captured it on film – I added names and arrows in case anything was unclear.

“We only part to meet again.” – John Gay