amazing bowling game!

Is anyone familiar with bowling? Bowling is a very popular game worldwide, and it keeps growing in popularity. When people can bowl well, they will not only gain confidence, but also will have more fun. Last weekend, I had an experience as a beginner, and learned some useful tips about playing bowling.

I did not play that well since it was my first time to experience it in America. Some kind American friends drove my classmate and me to a bowling alley in the western part of Columbus. When I got to the alley, I was shocked by the advanced facilities and human-based service. We chose our lane and shoes. When the game began,the first bowler was Mike who got a strike in the first frame, which made everyone excited and we clapped for him. The second person was me – I had few practice rolls before and was extremely nervous. I did not know even where to place my hands. One friendly American girl named Kelly came to teach me that I could pick up a bowling ball light enough for me because the right balance is very important. Then for beginners the essential bowling tip was to use a five step approach when coming up to the lane. Although many experienced bowlers prefer to use a hook approach, I first worked on throwing the straight ball. I aimed at the seven pin and ten pin as the girl told me. With nervousness, I tried my best bowling the ball. What surprised me was that I hit 6 pins, which was such an amazing thing. My confidence increased. All my friends  felt happy for me. I wanted to improve after a good start. The girl’s suggestion actually worked because  I could at least pick up spares when I did not get strikes. I asked for her advice again and she told me that I could work on a quick delivery of the ball so that the ball would move slowly out of my hand and along the lane without banging against the floor. I listened carefully and followed her advice. The results turned out great that I successfully hit the spares. Other friends did really well. I learned many things from them. For instance, Mike taught me that the wrist and fingers should be used correctly since a spin on the ball could cause the ball to change direction midway.

While the above advice may seem a good way for people to get a real fast start on learning bowling techniques, as I am a total beginner, the best advice is to practice step by step based on the fundamentals and pay attention to every single thing. I believe that in the near future, I will get a chance to try to bowl using a “hook.”