Two tests on Monday, a paper due Tuesday, and a PowerPoint presentation due on top of that! Whew! …Some weekends are busier than others, and this was one of the busy ones. I will be happy when Wednesday is over.

In more entertaining news, I’m going to the Purdue game this weekend! It’s the first OSU football game I’ve attended since 2002. (You know, the year we went to the national championship game and actually won it.) I never went to one single game here as an undergrad. I just wasn’t that into football; probably because I had my fill in high school. I attended every game because I was in the marching band. Yeah. I’m a band geek. I played the clarinet.

I’m sure the Buckeyes will crush the Boilermakers on Saturday. I’m not nervous about this game as I was before the loss to Wisconsin. And it’s homecoming! There’s a lot of stuff going on Friday night. On Saturday, we’re going to get to campus early and check out the festivities beforehand. There’s always something going on before the game. My dad is babysitting the kiddo; hopefully she’ll take a nice long power nap like she did last Saturday and make it easy on him. She has a lot of energy.