BBQ @ Alum Creek State Park

Last Sunday, several friends of mine went to grill outdoors at nearby Alum Creek State Park, before it gets too cold. It’s so beautiful there that anything bothering me seems trivial in comparison. This also happens when I think of the universe–our lives are just “flashes” compared with the duration of stars and planets. Everything is like a “floating cloud”–which recently became a very popular Chinese idiom.

I’m always thinking of the purpose of my life. I thought most Americans knew theirs because they have faith, but I learned this week it’s not always the case. Actually, a lot of them are also wondering. Maybe it is just like what my father told me, “you pursue one goal at a time”. So before I came to the US, I applied to study here; before I find a job, I keep on looking for one. After I get a job, I strive for a promotion and advancement … This might be the whole story of our lives. But what can be used to comfort myself is that at least, I can enjoy the process.

Author: Yi Sui

Work hard and have fun!