The Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

First, I want to start off that the title of this post can be attributed to Eric, because he told me that every time he heard this song that it reminded him of me which at that time I needed for my confidence and self-esteem.

I kind of had a mild freak out last week about everything in graduate school and life in general (which I guess this should be titled “I Can’t Handle the Club Right Now” but that would be boring).  And midterms are coming up (which always for some reason magically coincide with Homecoming Week) so this week will be a little shaky too.

Since academics have been my primary focus, I am going to give my evaluation on classes so far:

MHR 863:  I like this class!  I feel like it is giving me the “business acumen” that everyone in MLHR preaches about.  I feel like I am learning more about business in general, and the reading is actually manageable.  There are two group projects for the class.  My group (apparently named “Team Frat”) are the first ones to present (maybe) this Tuesday.  This actually was not my first group.  I was in another group, but there were two students who needed a group member, so I volunteered to be in their group.  Lo and behold, my kindness gets me into the group who has 2 1/2 weeks to prepare.  Everyone in my group has different communication styles and ways they approach to group work, so it has been a challenge but a good experience to work with different people, and I am positive that we will do well in our case study.  However, right when we are done, we have our other case study three weeks later, so there is not even a break. (I can’t wait for the Sunday afternoon I can spend in bed at home and not Gerlach Hall).

The only thing that sometimes gets me is the length.  It normally always goes to 9:48pm.  Now, this is not Dr. Bendapudi’s fault per se.  He really is all about encourage class participation, and people in our class LOVE to participate.  Maybe because I come from a journalism background, but journalism was all about being concise and getting to the point.  If I have a question that I think applies to the class, I will ask it, but if there is a question that I personally have about an assignment I will go up to him after class instead of using class time.  I know professors say “someone else probably wants to know that” but I feel like if they really did then they would ask themselves, and all the professors do not appear to have a problem with addressing students (Bendapudi always volunteers to stay later after class).  Maybe it’s me, but I would like to get in, learn, and go home (so that I can read obviously).

MHR 851: Generally, I like this class.  I feel like it is the one class where I actually am learning HR so far.  A lot of the reading materials so far feel like they are a bit “big league” for new people who will be entering the field, but it is still good information and has useful HR techniques that we can apply.  And Dr. Heneman is my kind of guy as far as class time.  He encourages questions, but he lectures (from just his brain, I have no idea how) and then gets you out normally by 9.  There’s a lot of group work in class, so I enjoy switching up activities, and working with different people in groups.

The only thing with Heneman’s class is that these books are SO much.  The books are actually interesting (well, okay, maybe not History of Industrial Relations), but this book about the high performance organization is interesting … until a certain point.  The author repeats the same thing over and over in different terms.  I stop losing interest once it it is rephrased many different times … and this seems to happen throughout the entire book (not just certain chapters).  It has been a struggle to get through these books (but, hey, it’s grad school right?).

MGT 801:  I am not going to lie and say that I am a fan of Business Data Modeling, when I had to use freshman forgiveness for Algebra and Trig freshman year (even though I took PreCalculus HONORS my senior year of high school).  Do I feel like I am aimlessly staring at Bendapudi for 3 and a half hours straight? Yes.  Do I know what I’m doing half the time? No.  I do feel like I am learning, though (just not as much as in the other classes).  I think it’s because we are learning about general statistics, and I have not really connected the business and HR connections yet (those word problems really don’t do it for me).  It is also on Thursday night (PERFECT start to the weekend).

Even though I struggle, the professor is very helpful and at least we use the same book next quarter (so I only have to buy 2 books :-)).  Also, he has started to see the weary look on our faces and when he knows we have had enough he will let us go (this is good …  so that I can race home to see Jersey Shore and, yes, I will go to VC when it’s over).

I promise I will have a fun blog or something approaching that soon as I get my act together and these exams are over (so anticipate some fun Halloween pictures).  Oh and I am also happy that I FINALLY have access to Gerlach Hall, the grad pad, and the computer lab.

Until next week!


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  1. G…BUS 863 can’t handle you…the MBA ‘vultures’ can’t handle you…and this blog can’t handle you.

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