President Obama was at OSU yesterday

I am pretty lucky that after only two months of living in the U.S., I got a chance to see President Obama’s live speech at OSU.

The event took place at 5:30 yesterday afternoon.  Although I have already been at school since 4:30, it still took me almost an hour to get to the Oval.  The line was so long that the crowd made a circle around Ohio Stadium.  Well, I got to see people’s enthusiasm towards Obama’s arrival.

I got to say that things went a little bit beyond my imagination.  I was hoping to see the President step up to the stage at the very beginning of the event.  However, instead, I got a chance to hear speeches from other important politicians first.  And I was also surprised that I got to see a good musical band perform and also got to hear John Legend sing.

For most of my American classmates, many of them say that they have been at in similar election campaign events even when they were children while sitting on their fathers’ shoulders.  However, it was a fresh and new experience to a student from a foreign country like me.  It was really impressive to see that there is a platform for ordinary people to get to know the policies of their country’s leaders and to be involved in building the future of their own country.