How Can I Get Involved? Part II

For those who simply cannot get enough of human resources (it’s an illness and I’ve got it, too) – I definitely recommend that you become a member of the Graduate Human Resources Association (GHRA).  After all, we already see each other in class three nights a week and work on team projects with one another – one more night together couldn’t possibly be a bad thing!

I participated in GHRA last year as a general member and now serve as the Vice President. The Graduate Human Resources Association is a professional organization that seeks to provide its members with the opportunity to network, develop, and serve the community. GHRA holds general body meetings about once every month and hosts numerous learning and development events where members get to hear an HR professional speak on campus. Last month we were fortunate to host Ezra Singer, the VP of HR for Limited Brands, and hear him speak about how strong project execution beats out strategic HR.  This month we’ll be featuring speakers from ExxonMobil and General Mills. Can you say Golden Networking Opportunity?!?  You can find our calendar of events, along with more information about the organization and what we do here:

See- we really ARE incredibly smart, funny, and attractive!

GHRA organizes community service projects that benefit OSU and the city of Columbus, brings HR professionals on campus to share their most prized HR secrets, and boasts members who are incredibly smart, funny, and attractive. In summary, we are a great group of people. And did I mention that GHRA provides free dinner at each meeting? For those who have yet to experience graduate life, free food = magic words.