Flag Football

I’m officially old. Intramural sports at Ohio State have always been my forte, until I realized, I’m old.

The business school students are playing in three different intramural football leagues this year: Competitive, Coed, and Casual.  With reading assignments piling up on me, applications due, boot camps, networking events, group meetings, and the search for a summer internship, I decided the Casual League was a better fit for my tight schedule.  I thought, “Intramural football- casual league, no problem!” I must have forgotten I am not a 19 year-old college kid with nothing to do but hit the gym.

Thursday was our first game of the season and our competition was just that, 19 year-old college kids who obviously had time to practice, run plays, and probably even watched footage from last year’s intramural games.  The game started out just like the Ohio State-Wisconsin game.  The other team scored quickly on their first drive, got an interception on our next drive, and it was all downhill from there.

We came out strong in the beginning of the second half and scored on our first drive, but our competition was just too young, too fast, and possibly too talented for us to handle.  We were down 20-some points as we approached the end of the game, grounds for a mercy.  Luckily, we were able to convince the other team to let us walk in the end-zone from 15 yards out so we could keep the game going and they could get the ball one more time.  This sounded like a great idea until their last drive resulted a 60-yard touchdown and two of our players getting injured.

We ended the game in good spirits, ready to get out there again next week to show the next set of young guns what we’re made of.  Hopefully, a few more people will come out though, having two subs is tough when six old men are trying to sub-out every other play.

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