It’s that time of the quarter… midterms… interviews…gloomy weather…

They all seem to come together in a nasty blend some days.

After seeing more than the normal percentage of students walking with their heads down, with a woebegone expression on their face, I figured perhaps I could share some of my coping mechanisms.

The first thing is to consider your priorities in life. An effective exercise for this is to write your obituary as if you passed away today; then write it with everything you hope to accomplish in your life. Then, think about how you’re going to achieve those goals.

Chances are, you may re-prioritize family, friends, job search, grades, and other facets of your life, once you step back and take stock of what your goals are.

One other important lesson that students need to learn is that uncertainty is a staple in the world. You must become comfortable with a certain level of uncertainty, and be able to make decisions despite not having all the information you may want.

Of course, no matter how you prioritize, there will be times were you just feel overwhelmed. If this happens, try exercising – go for a fast walk, a run, dance around the living room to your radio, lift some weights, you name it. If that’s not your style, try taking a break and cooking a healthy meal that requires some preparation – there are few things as soothing and washing and dicing veggies and fruits and creating a tasty meal.

I hope these ideas help – I’m off to relieve some stress myself before studying a little bit more before my first midterm.


2 thoughts on “Stress”

  1. Gloomy weather? It’s been quite nice outside! Of course, if you’re referring to weather-in-the-near-future-that-WILL-be-gloomy-because-that’s-the-way-it-tends-to-be-around-here-in-winter, you won’t get any argument from me!

  2. Thanks for the ideas Stacey! The next weeks will really be stressful. But hey, at least Halloween is just right around the corner. 😀

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